Nokia 808 PureView 41 Megapixel Camera – Including Sample Pictures!

Nokia has literally bitch slapped every mobile manufacturer out there and made a smartphone packed with a 41 megapixel camera, yes forty-one.

The N8 was the last flagship camera phone from Nokia but now they have come out with the 808 PureView, a major upgrade from the N8. It’s probably the least unexpected thing to come from Nokia, amazing how they kept this thing so quiet, without even a whiff of rumours.

The camera has a Carl Zeiss lens, lets you record 1080p with continuous focus and has a crazy resolution of 41 megapixels.

Unfortunately though, Nokia has let some parts of the phone down massively. They’ve stuck a screen on it with only a resolution of 640×360, only a 1400mAh battery and Nokia Belle OS – I mean like WTF is that? They should have made it Windows Phone.

It’s 17.95mm thick at its thickest point (expected with that massive camera), has gorilla glass, 16GB of internal storage, MicroSD card slot and the rest of the usual features you would find from your average smartphone. If you want to find out every little specification on the device, head over to the specs page over at Nokia here.

I’ve added sample images to the gallery below, check them out.

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