MIUI Goes Open Source

If you’re into Android rooting and modding, chances are you will have heard about the popular replacement ROM known as ‘MIUI.’ In-case you haven’t, MIUI is a ROM by Xiaomi, a Chinese tech company, and is based in Android Gingerbread v2.3.7. Unlike your typical version of Android, this ROM provides you with the awesomeness of Android amazingly combined with the great look and feel of iOS, providing a unique user experience.

Now, for the first time, MIUI has gone open-source and can be found on GitHub. These are a couple of MIUI applications and the ROM. That’s not all, expect more source to be revealed in the near future.

This ROM was originally designed in Chinese, and was not intended to be translated or be available for people in the other parts of the world, so a big advantage of it being open sourced is that the modding community will take it upon themselves to translate it and also make it available for many new devices, like the hundreds that CyanogenMod supports, which is at present the most popular ROM available for android yet.

Now that its open source, we’re probably going to see some crazy mods and what not.

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