Minecraft Pocket Edition Survival Mode Update | Android & iOS

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Minecraft Pocket Edition Survival Mode Update | Android & iOS

Minecraft pocket edition, everyone's favourite sandbox building game on the go, has recently had an exciting update adding a whole new mode to the game - survival mode.

If you're familiar with the desktop version of the game, you will know exactly what survival mode is, but if not, survival mode starts you off in a Minecraft world with no resources. You must mine, battle and craft your way through the world if you want to build anything, let alone survive the night.

In true Minecraft style, the game appears to be in an extended alpha stage (0.2.0) but don't let that worry you, it's one of my favourite games available for android. Update the game from your Android market, if you haven't done so already, or purchase it from the link below!

But what about iOS? I hear you cry! The update is awaiting Apple's approval already.

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