Marketer's Guide to Pinterest | Infographic


Pinterest is the hot start up and social media site at the moment, and it's amazing how simple the idea behind it is. All you do is pin things you like from around the web to "boards". You can then categorize these boards into categories such as Tech, Design, Fashion and a lot of others.

With it being the next site for businesses and sites to adopt due to its exponential growth, learning how to utilize the service to get the most out of it is a gold mine. This great infographic by MDG Advertising shows us some facts and tips on how to use Pinterest in your marketing strategy.

A strategy I have worked with myself is pinning things which don't give the whole post away. Because I post a lot of infographics, once anyone pins these or I pin these, people love to click through because you don't get a full view of the infographic on Pinterest itself. It drives a lot of traffic from Pinterest.

Tips, tricks and tutorials always work very well. The example in the infographic below about a recipe on cup cakes is a really good one.

Marketer's Guide to Pinterest | Infographic