Leather Backs for iPhone 4S

Accessorising your phone is a thing many people do. It’s fun and can make your phone look unique. On the iPhone 4/4S if you’re brave enough, you can change the back plate, switching the black glass for things like a clear back, metal and wood. However this does break your warranty and it does require some work to switch the plates.

Valentine Goods make leather backs for various Apple products, especially for the iPhone. If you always wanted to have the feel of real leather on your iPhone but don’t want to go through the hassle of taking it apart, these are perfect for you. These leather backs are made from real leather (I love the smell of real leather) and are completely hand-made. Materials include cow, calf, lamb, horse, buffalo, ostrich, water snake, and stingray skins. They stick on to the back of your iPhone using a special adhesive designed specially so it does not leave any residue – I can confirm this. It can also be taken off and reapplied quite a few times. They’re super thin so you won’t be adding any bulk to your iPhone

Valentine Goods were kind enough to send out 3 out of the 52 different leather backs they have available for the iPhone all the way from New York. I must say I love them and so do others, I’ve been questioned about them many times. They’re super classy and really give a unique look to your iPhone.

They’re not just limited to the iPhone however, Valentine Goods make them for both versions of the iPad and Macbook. They don’t just stop there, you can even make your own custom ones by sending them a high res image of what design you would like.

If you’re interested in purchasing one or two, Valentine Goods have given me a discount code. This discount code will give you free delivery if you live in the US and $5 off international shipping. Discount code – VGUL

Valentine Goods

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