Why I Chose An iPhone 4S | Mini Review


Why I Chose An iPhone 4S | Mini Review

Most people knew me as the Android guy. The guy who could take full advantage of Android and make it beautiful at the same time, even though I was never a developer, hacker or anything of the sort. I was just the average person like everyone else.

However, one thing which many people got wrong was that I hate other phones which ran anything but Android. If I was as closed-minded as that, this site wouldn't be here today, trust me. I am a very open-minded person. If I could afford to, I would have every type of major device and OS so I can compare. You see the key thing here is what suits you best. No phone or OS is number one, they may be in metrics but not when it comes down to people's preferences. Everything is about preference. If it weren't that way we would have one very boring world.

Below, I'm going to list the aspects I like about the iPhone. The reasons below all blended together is why I chose this phone, not just because of one feature.


Many people who visit my site, follow me on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and all other social profiles will know I have a unique taste of style. It is a blend of minimalism and class. I am no extreme minimalist kind of guy because I feel like function should meet minimalism. The iPhone design is minimal, there is no question about that. Straight lines, curved edges and a rectangle. There is nothing special about it but it's what I like. I like the feel of the glass and the metal even though they're not ideal on a phone. The only other phones which match up to this kind of design I would say are the Nokia Lumia 800 and the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. I really love the Nokia Lumia 800, the design is just amazing in my opinion but Nokia really should have taken Android, then I would have been all over that phone.

Why I Chose An iPhone 4S | Mini Review


The iPhone 4S only has a 1Ghz dual-core processor. Most Android devices that came out even before the iPhone 4S have processors which clock at 1.2Ghz, even 1.5Ghz. I'm not a power user so 1Ghz is adequate for me. Also with the OS being blended so well with the hardware it's quick. I can zip around the phone fast, switching between apps and what not quite quickly. Speakers at the bottom give out amazing sound. I was very surprised. This might be because I got so used to the tinny sound from my old HTC Desire. However the iPhone speaker would never replace a proper set of speakers, especially my Harman Kardon's which give out exceptional sound quality. Sound quality out of the headphone jack is very good but it will always be affected by the headphones you use. I am no audiophile but for the basic user it is more than good enough.


Unfortunately I don't have that many samples of pictures from the camera. But let me tell you, it is fantastic. The only one which does better is the Nokia N8. The camera quality in any phone is one of the kill features for me, it is one of the deciding points when choosing a phone. Samsung really let everyone down when it came to the camera on the Galaxy Nexus. Yes the Galaxy Nexus has the zero shutter lag feature but it wasn't enough to entice me into buying it. I like the idea of having a camera in my pocket which beats many digital cameras. I am no photographer but I love taking pictures. I also love the apps which can really take advantage of that camera, apps like Instagram, Camera+, TiltShift Generator and a ton of others.

Instagram Pictures
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I will take more pictures in the coming months so follow me on Instagram or add me on Flickr to keep up with my latest additions.

Why I Chose An iPhone 4S | Mini Review

The video recording is just on a whole different level as well. A friend of mine recorded a whole music video on the iPhone 4S, the quality is just amazing. For those wondering, he used a Steadycam Smoothee to record it. If you don't like the music, just mute it and check out the cinematography.


The retina display on the iPhone is amazing. The blacks are really deep and colours are very rich and pop. The high pixel density is great and detail is fantastic. The biggest downfall which nearly everyone will agree with is the screen size. If Apple only bumped it up to 4-inches then it would be far better. I haven't properly tested the screen on the Galaxy Nexus so I couldn't really say which one is better. The Nokia Lumia 800 has the best contrast ratio though, the blacks are so deep on its screen that you can't actually see where the screen finishes. If you are into watching movies and other video content, you are a lot better off with the HD screen on the Galaxy Nexus.

iOS 5

I've got to admit, I love iOS 5. Even if many of the features, especially the notification centre were blatant copies of Android. You can still do a lot more with Android though. iOS is limited and it can only go so far but this is why it suits me. I'm not the type of person to do work on a phone or do anything else that requires complex actions. iOS is meant to be a fun and simple OS, something you play around with and ultimately just enjoy using.

The apps is probably the biggest deciding factor in why I chose the iPhone. There is no question that iOS apps are amazing. The design of them really does it for me and the wide variety of apps really enrich the use of the phone. It's pretty much useless without apps - that goes for most mobile OS' now though. The quality of apps on the iPhone beat every other OS. Even if Android does have the biggest app store, it really comes down to quality. People need to put metrics aside.


When I first heard and saw Siri, I thought "this is the most ridiculous thing ever", boy was I wrong. I use Siri constantly. I never thought I would, I thought it was just a gimmick. But I use it to set reminders, call people, send messages, and find out information. Setting reminders is the feature I use most. Like many when you want to remind yourself for something, you can never be bothered to write it down or go into an app and type it up. With Siri I can just say it and within a few seconds I'm done.


If you have an iPhone I highly recommend jailbreaking it. By jailbreaking it you can really take advantage of the phone and adjust things which you normally wouldn't be able to. And customize the hell out of it. For example there are many Siri Tweaks which let you do things like reboot your phone, search for YouTube videos and change settings. You can jailbreak your iPhone within 5 minutes.


There isn't one reason as to why I chose the iPhone 4S, but many. All the ones listed above put together is why I chose the iPhone 4S. I love the minimalistic design, it suits my taste. I love the camera, it's one of the deciding factors when choosing a phone because I love taking pictures. I love the display, it's just right for me even though I would like it bigger. I love the play factor of iOS 5, it's not made for power users but for people who just want to have fun on their phone.

All I use my phone for is to keep up with my emails, social networks, take pictures, messaging, reading a bit of news and playing around with some apps. The iPhone is perfect for doing this sort of stuff.

Everything is down to preference.

If there is something I haven't mentioned and you would like to know, please do leave a comment. I'll be happy to answer any questions people may have.