Too Much Information Can Lead To Less Productivity | Infographic

There is no question that our minds can only handle a limited amount of information. Many studies have found that being overloaded with information in the workplace can decrease productivity and can cost businesses a lot of money. The infographic below by Mindjet in collaboration with JESS3, shows some statistics on how information overload at work can affect how we work.

How to cope with many tasks and too much information

  • Prioritizing – always organise your work load and put the most important first. This is one everybody should already know.
  • Multitasking – carry out multiple small tasks at once.
  • Satisficing – people say that you should go beyond the call of duty on tasks but some tasks can just be done as “good enough”. Don’t spend too much time or overdo something which really doesn’t need so much attention.
  • Refusing – work out if a task really needs to be done.
  • Limiting – many think it’s all about quantity not quality. Use only the most useful information.
  • Queuing – get tasks ready to be done later.
  • Delegating – if you play a managerial role you will easily be able to delegate tasks to others who may be able to do them faster and better.
  • Escaping – when you have a task with a tight deadline, shut yourself out from any distractions, especially your mobile phone.
  • Altering – if you find working in a different place does you better than your boring old desk, go there.


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