22 Tips on Creating New Compelling Content for Blogs

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Me and like many other bloggers and content creators out there will have days where we don't have a clue on what new content to create. There will be days where your mind is literally so blank, you think you've lost all intelligence. This great infographic gives us 22 tips on ways to create new compelling content.

How To Create New Content

  • Curation - make a list of things. For example, a top 10 of your favourite blogs, top 10 favourite themes, top 10 gadgets...etc.
  • Group brainstorming - get on Twitter or Facebook and ask your followers for post ideas. I've done this before and is always a great gold mine in finding new ideas.
  • Interview someone well known in an industry or has some kind of large following. People are always interested in people who are already popular.
  • Enable guests to write content for your blog.
  • Write opinion based posts on something recent or even something from years back.
  • Review products. See if companies will be willing to send out review products to you.
  • Share your success. If you've become quite popular, people will always want to know how you got there and what you learned along the way.
  • Share your failures. Sharing parts of your life where you've failed can be a great way to find people who have also failed in the same way and how they handled it.
  • Repost or reshare older posts to new readers. I do this a lot on UltraLinx because I get new readers all the time.
  • Watch movies, they can sometimes inspire you. The same goes for books and comics.
  • Watching television can also help you get inspired and keeping up with current trends.
  • Keeping up with current news is the best way to keep up with current trends.
  • Google Trends is a great service in finding out what's hot right now

22 Tips on Creating New Compelling Content for Blogs