How To Delete Auto Fill Suggestions From Omnibox | Google Chrome


How To Delete Auto Fill Suggestions From Omnibox | Google Chrome

The Google Chrome Omnibox is great, it's one of the features that makes me love Chrome so much. The Omnibox is smart, searching your browsing history, favourites and most recently viewed sites and then filtering them into a smart order. The Omnibox's downside is that it has trouble forgetting information.

Let's say you once typed in VBC News instead of BBC News, every time you began to type in the letter v, VBC news will be displayed in the suggestions. While that doesn't sound too inconvenient, consider this. Let's say you typed instead of, if you don't erase the incorrect entry, every time to start typing Facebook's address you may be redirected to your incorrect entry without your realisation.

The simple trick to fix this is:

  1. First find out what the entry is you wish to delete.
  2. Next begin typing in the entry in the Omnibox,
  3. Select the entry using the arrow keys
  4. Finally press shift+delete simultaneously(on Mac you may need to hold down cmd also).

Erase Google Chrome Omni Box Autofill Suggestions

I've helped countless friends and family members using this simple trick - I hope you can do the same!