My Google Drive Dream


My Google Drive Dream

New editorial series - based on how I dream a specific product or service, rumoured, announced or released, would work. 

Google Drive. The long rumoured project from Mountain View. Rumours have recently started flying around again, based on some pictures and screenshots of Drive. It looks a lot like Docs, in fact - but with the world 'Docs' replaced by 'Drive' and Drive specific buttons.

I've been thinking about Google Drive, and I've come up with an amazing cloud service from Google.

If you didn't already know, Google Drive is supposed to be Google's rival to Dropbox and Uploading any file, any size, and lots and lots of free space.

It is possible Drive will be integrated with the already-existing Google Docs. I think this is probably true; Docs can already store any type of file up to 1gb in size, and if the file is a document, it can be edited right within the service.

But imagine if this was the same in Drive. Any type of file, documents included, but instead of being able to access the documents you have on Drive, you access them on your PC, like you do already with Dropbox. This would be fantastic - and it would be even better on tablets, where unless you have a 3G enabled device, you cannot currently create a document offline. But with Google Drive you could; the app would simply stack all created documents to be uploaded when it finds an internet connection.

But it doesn't end there. Oh no. So, Google Drive is basically Google Drive but with some added functions.

You're sure to upload some photos to Google Drive, right? Y'know, those holiday snaps or something. Well, imagine if they could be edited right there in the service! So you can edit a document, but also now edit pictures.

Google already have two things that do this - Picasa and Google+ Photos. Picasa stores photos; on Google Drive, photos and documents would have two predetermined on the service (much like My Documents, My pictures, My Videos etc are already set up when you buy a new PC).The pictures on Google Drive could be shared, like they can on Picasa and Google+, and you can currently do with documents.

The editing functions I'm suggesting come from Google+ - currently you can edit your photos before uploading them to be shared with the world. If this was integrated on Google Drive - upload the photo onto Drive, then edit it, then it asks whether you'd like to put it on Google+ - I think my brain would explode in awesomeness.

My last thing is the same as photo and document editing, but for video. Now, what's the biggest video site in the world? That's right, YouTube. That has video editing functions (of a sort). If that was in Google Drive, that would also be very good.Again, upload a video on Google Drive, edit it, and asks whether to put it on YouTube as well (incidentally, YouTube needs to become a bit more...Googley. But that's for another feature).

Oh, and one last thing Drive absolutely needs: good integration with Android. I'm expecting it to be built into the next major release of Android (most likely named Jelly Bean) at OS level. It also needs a lot of free storage; at least 50-75gb - I currently have 50gb on from the Android app promotion.

Google Drive will hopefully launch in the coming weeks or months.