Google Docs for Android Updated, Adding Offline Access


Google Docs for Android Updated, Adding Offline Access

Google Docs for Android has just been updated adding offline access to your documents.

If you're a regular user of Google Docs boy won't this update be a good one or what. Sometimes you aren't always going to have access to the internet or you may not have a solid connection. With the new update you can save in file in Google Docs to "make it available offline". Now whether or not you're connected to the internet, you will always have access to those files. This was probably one of the most annoying features which was missing from Google Docs.

When you re-connect to Wi-Fi, all those offline files which you edited, automatically update, corresponding with your files in the Google Docs cloud.

The app has also been updated for Android tablet users. Reading experience has been improved. And now when you open up a file while online, you will get high resolution version. You can also swipe between pages or use the slider at the bottom to quickly skip through.