Google Bar Redesign | February 2012 Update


Google Bar Redesign | February 2012 Update

It seems only yesterday that Google rolled out the new 'Google Bar', replacing the simple black links bar which we were all familiar with, with an icon hungry drop down menu. Once again Google has completely redesigned the bar and has begun to roll it out to the public even before the last update was sent out to everyone.

The new bar is a hybrid of both styles. Google has chosen to restore the black bar we all knew and loved and placed it above the large grey bar we saw in December. However there is no longer a drop down menu, due to the restoration of the links bar, so the large grey bar functions only to show you your Google+ notifications and in certain Google web products (such as Gmail & Calendar) a search bar, which will search through your data in the web app. Unfortunately, at present,  there seems to be no way to customise the items on the links bar, and the ordering of the items has been changed (from previous versions) so your workflow may be disrupted a little - it's nothing major

Google Bar redesign February 2012 update

This update isn't too exciting and it functions as a refreshing change to my Google services. On the other hand it may be a little concerning to see Google having trouble making up it's mind on such a major, consistent design feature across their products (also note, YouTube still does not have any type of Google bar despite it being linked too). You should see the update applied automatically within the coming weeks.

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