Flickr’s February Major Makeover

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Recently I mentioned Flickr in my top 3 photo sharing sites, commending it on its easy uploading and sign up process as well as helpful community. Its UI wasn’t one of its best features.

Flickr’s last UI update was in 2010, revamping the photo viewing pages. Since then, Yahoo has been working on improving Flickr further with a completely over hauled UI.

Nearly every part of the site will be revamped – including the gallery and uploading screens. The gallery will now take on a Pinterest esque design, with different size images tessellated together. The image uploader will be more ‘app like’, with ‘swoopy drag and drop’ functionality.

Hopefully this will be a nice boost to Flickr’s popularity. Rival sites such as Instagram, Google+ and 500px are growing steadily in popularity – trying to steal the top spot from Flickr.

The update goes live on February 28th!

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