Facebook Adds Timeline Feature to Fan Pages

Facebook are now rolling out their new Timeline feature for fan pages. Timeline has been a very hit and miss feature for Facebook profiles, some like it and some don’t. I personally love it and have already updated the UltraLinx fan page to utilise the new feature.

New features include the ability to pin a post to the top of the fan page for a week, receive and respond to private messages from any other Facebook user, and obviously the ability to add a huge cover picture. It’s annoying how Facebook downgrade the image quality when adding a cover picture.

All fan page owners have 30 days until the update becomes mandatory.

However there is already one massive problem with the new timeline feature for Facebook fan pages. You cannot assign a default landing page. With the old design businesses, for example HTC, could make a default landing page which promoted their latest phone or a competition. With Timeline removing this feature there may be quite a bit of backlash from businesses. Hopefully Facebook will come up with something to match or do better of the default landing page feature.

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