Draco IV Design Aluminium Bumper for iPhone Review


Draco IV Design Aluminium Bumper for iPhone Review

Thanks to MobileFun for sending this product out to me for review.

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  • High grade aluminium
  • Ultra light
  • Very tough and scratch resistant




  • Expensive
  • Tricky to apply
  • Can take a while to take off


Draco IV Design Aluminium Bumper for iPhone Review

It's amazing how bumpers for the iPhone have become ever so popular since the antenna problems with the iPhone 4. However most of these bumpers just weren't up to the job of protecting your phone very well and would easily degrade and fall apart. Draco has taken the idea of a bumper to whole new level. This IV Aluminium bumper is made from the same grade of of material you find on aeroplanes. It is very tough and sturdy. Tougher than any other kind of bumper I've seen before.

Draco IV Design Aluminium Bumper for iPhone Review

The bumper is also extremely light. It only weighs 21 grams and you can barely feel that weight. It's lighter than most rubber or plastic bumpers for that matter.

The volume, switch and sleep/wake buttons are overlaid by buttons from the bumper. From what I can tell they look to be made from plastic but it's very hard to tell.

The bumper has been ergonomically designed to fit in the hand. It was fine in my hand but people who had smaller hands like my girlfriend said it was uncomfortable. I think the bumper is mainly made for people with medium to large sized hands. I found that it enabled me to hold the phone easier too.

Draco IV Design Aluminium Bumper for iPhone Review

There are two parts to the bumper. You attach the big part first and then the second part. They are then held together by two screws, one at the top and one at the bottom. Applying the bumper was quite trick and annoying. The buttons would either drop out or you really had to push the two parts together to get the screw in. It also took me a good 5-10 minutes just to put it together. A lot longer than it should have. It could easily be improved if they attached the buttons to the bumper itself.

Note: I do have a back plastic protector on the phone, that's why you can see those bubbles.

Draco IV Design Aluminium Bumper for iPhone Review

This bumper isn't one which you can regularly just take off and put on. It's a bumper which stays on your phone for very long periods of time. In my personal opinion, this is a downfall but some people don't take off their bumpers for months.

Then lastly there's the price. It is currently £52.95 on the MobileFun store which is expensive for a bumper. Not many people will be willing to drop that kind of money for an iPhone bumper.


I do love this bumper, for the beautiful, minimalistic design and the fact that it is made from the same grade of aluminium they use on aeroplanes. It's also ultra light so you barely feel any extra weight on your iPhone. The only problems with it are applying it and the price. Applying it does take a while and some patience. It's bumper that will stay on your phone for long periods of time. The price is high because of that ergonomic design and the materials used - it isn't cheap to make a bumper with these kind of qualities.

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