How To Create An Eight Bit Avatar - 8 Bit

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How To Create An Eight Bit Avatar - 8 Bit

Eight-Bit (also know as 8-bit) avatars have become all the rage amongst the tech community over the past year, even our latest UltraLinx writer Phil Oakley uses one! While obviously you could use a graphics program to create your 8-bit avatar pixel-by-pixel, it may take a while to achieve the desired result (more on this further down!).

EightBit.Me is a super easy method to create an EightBit Avatar. Simply login with your Twitter account (this serves as you account name and adds some nifty Twitter integration) and follow the on-screen instructions. A whole host of skin tones, clothes, hair styles & shoes are available to choose so you should be able to make something that is exactly you - or not as you may please.

Once finished you can automatically set your Twitter avatar to your new 8-bit, pixel lovin', alter ego; post a link on Twitter to your profile, and also follow the projects official Twitter page.

You can also review your profile from your iOS device! Just visit '' in Safari. An Android version is promised too, however whether that will be in the form of a standalone app or access through a web browser is not yet clear.

Some images of the steps:

Photoshop (as stated before) is an alternative to using EightBit.Me, and will allow you to create super high-res, unique avatars, at the expense of your time. Even the most in-experienced Photoshop user should be able to get their head around this. Here's my quick guide to creating an 8-bit avatar in Photoshop:

  1. Create a new 100px x 100px document (300 dpi, if you want to print this!)
  2. Press Ctrl+K (Windows) or Cmd+K (Mac) to open the preferences.
  3. Select 'Guides, Grid and Slices'
  4. Under 'Grid' enter - Gridline 50 pixels and Gridline 5 Subdivisions.
  5. Use the shape tool to fill in blocks - try starting with  four block for the face.
  6. Add desired background!