ChargeBar Shows Battery Beautifully on Un-Rooted Android Phones

Anyone who has used a phone running a custom ROM will probably know about the massive amounts of customisation options available on them. Thanks to one dedicated Android developer, you no longer need a rooted phone to experience amazing customisation on your phone.

Last year, Tom Barrasso released his first customisation app for Android, StatusBar+, which gave all Android phones, rooted or not, a Windows Phone 7-like statusbar. Today, he is releasing another app, ChargeBar, into the mix which gives your phone a bar across the top of the statusbar, bottom of the statusbar or bottom the display which clearly shows you how much battery you have left.

The app lets you choose:

  • What colour the bar is;
  • Whether it should animate while charging or not;
  • If it should hide in full-screen apps;
  • If it should display in the lockscreen;
  • The height of the bar and;
  • The position of the bar.

Barrasso is slowly breaking down the gap in customisation between normal phones and rooted phones with custom ROMs, bringing advanced features to every user. This is  great challenge and I look forward to seeing what else he comes up with to add to his already substantial collection of apps.

ChargeBar is available right now for free in the Android Market. If you like it, you can donate to the developer, Tom, within the app.

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