The Cake Is No Longer A Lie? - Portal Ported To Android

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The Cake Is No Longer A Lie? - Portal Ported To Android

Portal, created by the geniuses at Valve, is one of the most loved puzzle games on both Windows and Mac.. it's now on Android - sort of. A team of enthusiasts (it's those brilliant Russian's again) have begun to port Portal to the Android platform via the Unity Engine.

The current build, as tested by AndroidPolice, features the beginning of the iconic first level of portal. The only problem being that the team hasn't quite figured out how to make portals look like portals yet. Nonetheless, the demo build serves as a nice tech demo of how well 3D games can perform in the Unity Engine.

With the recent launch of an official Steam app on Android, it gives me hope that one day, in the near future, Valve will pursue Android gaming and maybe even make an official copy of Portal; it's a game that is casual enough to be good for pick up and play on mobile devices but hardcore enough for avid gamers.

Now, I can't find the apk link for this anywhere, but digging around on Russian Android forums will probably yield results. AndroidPolice, says it's not too hard to find on Google, but linking to 'shady' sites is a big no, no.

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