Bump for Android & iOS Updated, Whole New Design


Bump for Android & iOS Updated, Whole New Design

Bump has just been updated to version 3.0, bring a whole new UI design and a great new set of features.

For those who don't know what Bump is - Bump enables you to send files wirelessly to other by simply bumping two phones together. Both phones need to have Bump open for it to work. It's a great way to send files super quick without having to use things like Bluetooth transfer or emailing files. It's cross platform compatible so you can bump an Android phone and iPhone together, sending files to each other.

In the new version, they bring a whole new simpler and cleaner UI to the platform. It's now a lovely a mix of white, grey and blue. You can now transfer contact data through Bump. You can transfer as many photos and discover mutual friends with someone, through contact data and social networks.

Check out the video below, even if it is cheesy as hell.

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