The Best Tower Defence Game for iPad | Kingdom Rush

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The Best Tower Defence Game for iPad | Kingdom Rush

The iPad screen is perfect for strategy/tower defence games. And if you're an iPad owner, you will know how much you can enjoy these sorts of games, killing an hour or two very quickly.

There are many tower defence games available for the iPad but from all the ones I have tested, Kingdom Rush is easily the best. It hasn't been out too long but is already in the top 10 paid apps on the appstore at a bargain of £0.69. This low price won't stay however, it's currently on sale and beats the price of nearly every other tower defence game available for the iPad. So get it quick.

Kingdom Rush Features:

  • Four types of towers to help you defend against enemies such as orcs, trolls, evil wizards and many others.
  • There are a total of 8 different towers. Each of the main four are upgradeable and can double up as two different towers.
  • 18 tower abilities which enable you to add many killer features to your defence, such as: poison arrows, snipers, teleportation and many others.
  • Two global spells which help you when you're really in danger.
  • A wide variety of maps, each has 3 different games modes: Campaign, Heroic and Iron Challenge.
  • Over 30 different enemies.

There is even a strategy guide on the Kingdom Rush website which can help you through each map, if you keep getting defeated. When you first start you are helped greatly with tips and what towers are effective against what enemy.

What I like most about this game though is the graphics. The detail is brilliant and it's not made to look realistic, it's made to look fun. It highly reminds of the old Pokemon games on GameBoy, with the pixel perfect characters and what not. There's also a great theme tune and the sounds effects are very cool and unique.

As I mentioned earlier, it's on sale at the moment so get it quick before the price goes up.

Kingdom Rush for iPad - £0.69 ($0.99)

A great video below showing some gameplay and what can be done.