Anonymous Releases FBI Conference Call - Listen Now


Anonymous Releases FBI Conference Call - Listen Now

As you know, over the past few weeks and months, battles have been raging across the internet between the hacking group, Anonymous, and American Government agencies, like the FBI, and others. Anonymous have just taken a step further in this battle by releasing a call between the FBI, Scotland Yard and other agencies.

The hackers appear to have entered the conference call before any other parties so as to not be detected. They may have used a password found in a hacked email to enter the call - a relatively simple thing to do - but no details about this have been confirmed.

In the tape, the FBI discusses the "supposed Project Mayhem, or whatever that hell that was" - they seem to know what they're talking about - revealing the usernames of several Anonymous members. The real names of these people have been distorted by Anonymous to protect them.

The funniest thing about the call is that the topic of discussion is hacking - and LulzSec, and Anonymous!

The call is 100% genuine, bar the bleeped names, as confirmed by the FBI, so if you've always wanted to see, or hear, what goes on behind the numerous closed doors of government agencies across the world, this is a must-hear.