Springtomize 2 - One Of The Best & Must Have Cydia Tweaks

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Springtomize 2 - One Of The Best & Must Have Cydia Tweaks

Now when it comes to Cydia tweaks, Springtomize 2 for iOS 5 is easily one of the best and must have tweaks once you have jailbroken. This app puts many of the tweaks you find around the Cydia store and jam packs them all into one. It is the ultimate customization machine. (I also recommend getting Winterboard to apply custom themes).

Springtomize has an array of features with which you can really customize your device the way you like. I'll go through the list of things you can do.


  • Animations - can be changed to make the slower or faster.
  • Slow Motion Mode - enables you to have everything in slow mo.
  • Vertical Animation - when switching apps, instead of the app fading off to the left and the new app coming from the right. This tweak does all that vertically the current app fades off downwards and the new up fades in from above.
  • Lock animation - if you like the TV lock animation you get on Android, this enables you to have that animation on your iPhone.
  • Screenshot flash - when you take a screenshot of your device, you will usually get a white flash. With this tweak you can change that white flash to any colour you like.


  • This tweak enables you to have various custom mods which are hidden by Apple. You can enable modes like Panorama in camera mode, VoiceControl, Magnetometer and various other mods.


  • This tweak enables you to customize the dock how you like. You can have a coverflow effect, hide the dock, hide labels, hide reflection or have a custom number of apps in the dock.


  • This tweak enables you to customize the lockscreen.
  • Display seconds on the lockscreen.
  • Show "Always Charging" look.
  • Always show wallpaper even when the device is charging.
  • Always show camera button (fantastic tweak for those who are happy snappers).
  • Hide the status bar in the lockscreen.
  • Disable artwork.
  • Delay dimming.
  • Hide the slider knob.
  • Have a custom label instead of the stock "Slide to unlock" text.


  • This tweak enables you to customize the icons in the homscreen and around the rest of the OS.
  • Hide icon labels.
  • Lock moving the icons.
  • Disable the jittering effect you get when moving icons around.
  • Disable the un-installation cross.
  • 2 tap to clear badge numbers.
  • Use a custom number of icons per line in the homscreen.
  • Have 5 rows of icons.
  • Resize icons in the homscreens, dock and app switcher.
  • Hide any icons you like (for example hiding that ugly newsstand icon).


  • Have a folders close button.
  • Hide folder previews.
  • Disable folder open/close animation.
  • Hide folder background.
  • Hide folder labels.
  • Disable folder badges.
  • Make folders auto close after opening an app.
  • Create a dock in folders.

App Switcher

  • Enable the app switcher to pop up in landscape.
  • Start editing.
  • Disable switcher paging.
  • Start with iPod when opening app switchers (great for when you listen to music regularly, can quickly pause or skip songs).
  • Disable badges in app switchers.
  • Enable brightness slider in app switcher.
  • Have a custom number of icons at any one time in the app switcher.

Time Machine

  • This feature simply allows you to back up all your Springtomize settings. It also allows you to back up the layout of your icons and the wallpaper you're using. You can have it backup automatically.

Status Bar

  • Have a custom carrier label. As you can see in the screenshot at the top, I have my name in the status bar.
  • Custom time. You can remove the clock all together and have things such as RAM and IP address in the bar.
  • Hide status bar items such as, alarm, battery, signal strength and a ton more.


  • Hide the dots above the dock on your homescreen.
  • Remove page limits.
  • Disable the spotlight feature.
  • Disable paging all together.


  • Have a custom dock.
  • Have a custom battery icon.
  • Use a custom font.
  • Change font size.
  • Change font colour.
  • Icons - change opacity and image effect (such as greyscale or sepia).
  • Lockscreen - change clock colour.

Notification Centre

  • Disable the notification centre.
  • Clear all notifications instantly.
  • Have custom number of lines of text.

There we have it. That's practically everything you can do with Springtomize and you can see how much can be done. It packs so many tweaks into once easy package. It isn't free however, it costs $2.99 which is a small price to pay for such an immense Cydia tweak.