Smartr Contacts for iPhone & Android


Smartr Contacts for iPhone & Android

You may remember we covered Smartr a while back, an address book which takes information from everywhere possible and blends them together to make whole profiles for your contacts.

However when I reviewed it at the time you had to pay a monthly fee for it to work on Android and iOS. But now it looks to be free on the two platform.

The best thing about this app is how it can blend profiles from Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Gmail and make them into one complete profile for a person. All their information is stored in one place for easy access. You can also look at emails you have exchanged and a chart shows how frequently you exchange them.

It worked great for me, especially because I have a massive list of over 1600 contacts, all from Facebook, Twitter and the people I contact regularly on Gmail. I can now find everything on one person, in one place.

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