Nokia Lumia 800 for £119 at Argos | UK Deal

Update: This deal has now expired. Argos has removed the ‘Buy or Reserve’ page for the product as they claim the deal was a mistake.

What looks to be the best bargain going at the moment, Argos – a UK retailer – is selling the Nokia Lumia 800 for a dirt cheap price of £119. The phone’s RRP is £450 so you can see the price drop here is massive. It was so big in fact that the Verge contacted Argos to confirm the offer and it’s for real.

You can find out more about the phone here – Nokia Lumia 800

I’ve ordered one, get your hands on one before they all run out!

Nokia Lumia 800 – £119 – Argos UK


Argos looks to have messed up. Even though they confirmed with many that the deal was on. They are now cancelling all orders of the device saying it was a “mis-price”. Bullshit.

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