Metro 7, Windows 8 Style Metro Tiles For Windows 7


Metro 7, Windows 8 Style Metro Tiles For Windows 7

News of Windows 8 has been trickling out very slowly over the past few months. One of the most radical aesthetic changes from any previous version of a Windows OS is the new Metro layout - seen on Windows Phone 7 and also in the recent Xbox Dashboard update. If you haven't yet taken the jump to install the free Windows 8 dev preview you may be wondering what the new optional Metro interface is like.

'Metro 7' is a little preview of things to come. It features a desktop replacement in true Metro style, featuring it's own tile store, so you can add tiles for whatever information or programs you want. There's also a lockscreen, which functions similarly to the one found on Windows Phone (swipe up to reveal desktop). Unfortunately this is not integrated with the regular user account lock (win+l).

Now, this won't exactly clone the Windows 8 experience, but it will give you an idea of how fantastically user friendly the interface is. In spite of this, I think I'll stick to Rainmeter for monitoring my system resource and customising my desktop: the software currently doesn't have too many benefits over Rainmeter, which can provide a similar experience.

Metro 7