Liquipel, Make Your Gadgets Water Proof

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Liquipel, Make Your Gadgets Water Proof

Liquipel is an amazing new technology which makes your gadgets waterproof...kind of. Water damage to gadgets and phones is the most common type of damage done to our expensive gizmos. Liquipel is a technology which protects your gadgets by adding a nano coating - 1000 times thinner than a human hair - so it is literally unnoticeable.

The reason I said kind of was because the nano coating doesn't just protect the outside of your phone but actually covers the circuit boards and other components within it - so it's still not a good idea to chuck it in water on purpose because you'll be complaining once you see bubbles of water under the screen.

Unfortunately only a few select devices are supported but they do say they will be supporting more in the future.

I hope this kind of technology gets added to all of our gadgets in the coming years.

Check out the fantastic demonstration below where an iPhone 4 becomes completely submerged in water.

I do hate the 80's marketing style they got going's way too old school.