Jotly for Android Let's You Rate Everything

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Jotly for Android Let's You Rate Everything

You've probably heard of apps like GetGlue which focus on letting you rate specific experiences.  Well, Jotly aims to do the job of all these types of apps by letting you rate and review anything you come across.

Jotly lets you add a title, rating - A plus to F minus - and a comment about anything you experience or see. You can add photos and locations to ratings to enhance them too. People have the option to comment on or like your ratings when they pop up in the Nearby feed of their app making the app more compelling to use with a group of friends.

Jotly allows you to share your photos and ratings with practically every social network out there. Sharing your ratings will let you climb the leaderboard of top Jotly users.

Here is a quick video explaining the principle of Jotly.

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