Furrr – iPhone 4S Setup by UltraLinx | Screenshots

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My first screenshot setup in a long while – on the iPhone 4S of course. Jailbroke the thing yesterday and have been on it like a mad man. Customizing, tweaking, downloading…you name it.

For those wondering if I have left Android behind – no I haven’t. I’m just waiting for an amazing Android device (preferably from HTC or Samsung) – something a lot better than the Galaxy Nexus.

Now onto what I have got going on here:
Wallpapers – Homescreen | Lockscreen
Theme/Icons – Genesis [can be found in Cydia – FREE]

If there is anything which people would like to know, just ask in the comments below.

A mini-review of the iPhone 4S will be coming soon, including reasons why I got it. I’ll also be doing lists of my favourite jailbreak tweaks and iOS apps so keep an eye out for those!

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