Discover - Wikipedia in a Magazine on Your iPad

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Discover - Wikipedia in a Magazine on Your iPad

I've always found Wikipedia apps rather ugly. Because Wikipedia is based around pure information, applications that present the information seem to forget the UI.

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The creators of LiveShare and the Android 3D Gallery have created a new iPad application which presents all the information of Wikipedia in a beautiful magazine format. The app, Discover, allows gesture operation and quick searching and browsing.

Like a magazine, you are presented with a featured article each day. This allows you to discover a random topic every day. The main way to find articles is of course via a search.

Search is just a swipe down away. It has a beautiful magazine-rack-like interface with various search results clearly displayed in order of relevance. This is a really good, easy way to browse results.

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The magazine interface continues when viewing the contents of an article. This allows you to quickly jump to the sections you're interested in. When  you read an article you also have the option to click links which will take you directly to the related article. All the articles in Discover have all the tables and images on the Wikipedia website.

Overall, the app is very complete and, with such a dedicated developer behind it, I would expect great developments and support in the future.