Color for Android Makes Facebook Photos Work

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Color for Android Makes Facebook Photos Work

If you are an app enthusiast as I am, you will have been deeply anticipating the new iteration of Color, a mobile app that turns your Facebook photos into their own social network. The app was released a while ago for the iPhone and I have been waiting eagerly for this day, the release of Color on Android.

Here's my review of Color: it's amazing! The UI of the entire app is extremely easy to navigate and very fluent. It allows you to view friends' photos, albums and other activity related to photos, but this is not all Color can do.

You also have the option to host a Visit  for your friends. This is Color's term for sharing a video.  Essentially the idea behind it is that you host Visits just as you might visit a friend in real life. Color's videos below sum up their Visits.

So, to sum Color up: Color makes Facebook Photos even more social and adds Visits, a simple intuitive way to share the important moments in your life with your friends. It is a great idea, and if you are trying to share more photos it is the best app for it.

Enjoy your new favourite app!