Case-Mate Minimal UltraSlim – Brushed Aluminium – iPhone Case Review

Thanks to MobileFun for sending this product out to me for review – received it the day I got my iPhone which was a pleasant surprise.



  • Ultra-slim profile
  • Very clean and minimal, matches the black iPhone very well
  • Real brushed aluminium back




  • Very difficult to take the iPhone out of the case
  • Leaves fingerprints around the sides of the case


Let me say first of all, this is one of the best iPhone cases I have seen out of the thousands that are out there. It’s very practical and ultra-slim.

The base of the case is moulded from a very strong, but slim high-quality plastic. The plastic has a beautiful glossy black finish which complements the black iPhone very well.

The sides of the case almost seamlessly blend with the black glass of the iPhone. It gives it the “all black everything” kind of look. One problem with the sides is that they’re heavily attracted to fingerprints but you can easily wipe them off.

The back of the case is made from brushed aluminium. It’s gorgeous. It has a blue hue to it but it’s not very noticeable; feels great to touch and is smooth as silk. It’s also cold a lot of the time which I see as a good thing as it keeps the iPhone cool through hours of playing games and watching films on Netflix.

As I said, it is very slim, both on the back and the sides, but it’s not ridiculously thin where it feels like it’ll snap. You’ll definitely notice how slim the iPhone really is when you take it out of the case. Case-Mate have done a brilliant job of blending enough thickness, but keeping durability at the same time.

There are cut-outs for all the ports and holes that are on the iPhone, except the microSIM slot, obviously.

One major problem I’ve found which may not concern others is that taking it out of the case was a major trouble. It hugs the iPhone very closely and you need to get your nails right into the sides to get it out – at the same time trying to avoid scratching the phone. Some people may see this as a good thing because it means the phone won’t just suddenly pop out from drops or what not. If you have a dock though, which doesn’t support cases, it can be annoying taking the case off regularly.

A great feature which the case isn’t really intended for is that you can easily stand it on its side – enabling you to take photos very well.


The Case-Mate Barely There iPhone case, as I mentioned, is one of the best cases out there for the iPhone. It has an ultra-slim form factor, but also stays very strong and durable. The design is gorgeous, especially with the black glossy finish and the brushed aluminium back.

Day to day, people tended to comment on how nice the case was, instead of being surprised at my purchase of an iPhone showing how good it really is. If black isn’t your colour though, the case also comes in white, metallic silver and pink. This case is priced at £24.99 which is dear compared to other cases, but do you really want a cheap looking iPhone case of around£5 which only lasts a few months?

Case-Mate Brushed Aluminium iPhone Case – £24.99 | Phone Accessories

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