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OK, I’m making myself look silly now. I first reported on OpenSiri which at the time I said was the best Siri tweak, then SiriToggles came out which I said was better than OpenSiri, so that became the best Siri tweak. Well now there’s a new one, called AssistantExtensions which is better than all of them!

AssistantExtensions combines all the Siri tweaks into one but also adds a few more features which have not been seen before.

What Can AssistantExtensions Do?

  • You can reboot your device through Siri.
  • Power off your iPhone through Siri.
  • Restart springboard through Siri.
  • Enter safe mode through Siri.
  • Adjust settings such as Wifi, 3G, Bluetooth and many other through Siri.
  • Launch apps with Siri.
  • Chatbot – you can now have a proper conversation with Siri. You can talk about topics such as food, movies and books. To start Chatbot, you tell Siri “let’s chat”, to stop Chatbot just say “Goodbye”.
  • Tweet using Siri. You can now tweet through this Siri tweak. You say “Tweet” then whatever you want to tweet. It will then come up with what you have said and can be edited if there are any corrections needed.
  • Toggles – You can see which of your toggles are one and disable any if needed. Just say “list toggles” or “list switches” and you will be shown a list of all the toggles on iOS.
  • YouTube – You can now search for YouTube videos right through Siri. To activate this say “Search [then whatever the name of the video] on YouTube”. It’ll show a list right in the Siri screen, just tap on the one you like and it’ll direct you to the YouTube app.

It doesn’t just end there though, you can even make your own tweaks. It is for advanced users who know how to play around with commands and what not. A full guide on how to make your own Siri tweaks can be found here.

Also it’s completely free! And can be found in the BigBoss repo, you should have the repo already if you haven’t deleted any of your sources.

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