How To Apply Custom Icons on Android

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The next episode in customizing your Android device. You can check out the last episode here – How To Change Your Wallpaper

Sometimes the stock icons which you get on Android just don’t cut it, especially if one of your favourite apps uses an ugly icon. Or maybe you just want to change-up your homescreen by adding icons which make it look more unified.

This tutorial is the method I use to apply custom icons, even if it is longer than other ways. But it lets me apply any icon I want to any app, which other methods may not provide.

What You Will Need

You will first of all need some custom icons, you can find some we have posted here.

You will also need Desktop Visualizer, an app which lets you apply custom icons and do some other great stuff.

How To Apply Custom Icons

1. Once you have done everything above, you want to go and add the Desktop Visualizer widget, there are many sizes but I usually choose 1×1.

2. You will then find the widget on your homescreen, tap on it.

3. Once you have tapped on the widget, you will be presented with a customize screen. In that screen choose your custom icon from the gallery. Then choose the app you want it to launch. Then you can customize the rest to your liking.

If you don’t like having the label text under the app, you can remove that.

4. When you have finished, press OK and you should have the customized app and icon on your homescreen.

A good friend of mine created a video on how to apply custom icons. He uses the same method as I have described above. But is in video format because I know some people find videos more useful than text tutorials.

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