AIAIAI Capital Unveiled


AIAIAI Capital Unveiled

AIAIAI have unveiled their new 'Capital' model headphones simultaneously on their website and at the recent Agenda Trade Show in Los Angeles.

The 'Capital' aims to fill a gap in their product line between their high end, 'TMA-1' DJ headphones and the 'Tracks', a lighter weight on ear headphone. As with the majority of AIAIAI's current headphone line, they are designed by KiBiSi, master's of minimal design.

While the design may look great, they are constructed from some pretty interesting materials too - nylon reinforced with fibreglass and a lightweight rubber brace designed to be durable and withstand heavy use.

The headphones are perfect for urban use, featuring large 40mm drivers and quick and easy size adjustment; inspired by snowboard bindings. The Capitals can also be folded into a compact form for easy storage (see gallery: below).

AIAIAI's statement about its new release was:

With Capital we've aimed to create an iconic pair of headphones designed for urban use. All components of the headphones play an integrated and cohesive role; the adjustment system used for Capital is reminiscent of snowboard bindings, in tune with the generally sturdy and eclectic solutions implemented. This is part of what creates the unique character of the headphones.