16GB Dell Streak 7 Android Tablet For £100 | UK Deal

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16GB Dell Streak 7 Android Tablet For £100 | UK Deal

UK Only

Since the iPad's release, the world has become tablet crazy: everyone wants their hands on one. Android is a cheaper and (in my opinion superior) alternative to Apple's pricey iPad.  Well, Curry's, a UK electronics retailer, has put up the Dell Streak 7 (7 inch) tablet up for sale on their website for just £99.97! A whole £100 discount - an offer too good to miss.

The Dell Streak 7 boasts an impressive Dual Core Tegra 2 processor and HD front & rear cameras, allowing for you to both consume and produce high quality media. The only negative to the tablet is the 'reportedly' narrow viewing angle. I wouldn't say that was a large price to pay for such a great tablet at such a low price!

To benefit from the deal you must buy the tablet online and then pick up in store; home delivery is not available. It seems that since Dell discontinued the tablet, Curry's is trying to get rid of these as fast as possible, while still profiting - don't let that put you off though (if you can find one)!