Why Pinterest Is Ideal for Designers

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What is Pinterest?

Let’s have a quick recap on what Pinterest is for those who do not know.

Pinterest is a virtual pinboard. It lets you pin things (mainly images) from around the web and put it on your board. You can pin anything you like with the Pin it button and it will add an image and a link back to where it was originally found from. You can have as many boards as you want, these boards become categories – all your pins can be organized into different boards so you can find your pins easier.

Another great thing about Pinterest is that you can browse boards created by others too. It’s a great way to find new content and you can re-pin them to your own board.

Why Pinterest Is Ideal for Designers

Even though I have put in the title that it is ideal for designers, it can be ideal for any kind of profession you’re in – but that doesn’t mean the average person can’t use it.

I pick designers specifically because these are people who will be inspired by other people’s work or even random objects. When you’re a designer and you find something interesting, it can be a pain saving something and then forgetting where you got it from. Bookmarking them can also become messy and usually all your bookmarks will be on one computer, on one of your browsers – not to forget, the original page might even get deleted or become unavailable, losing the inspiration altogether.

With Pinterest you can pin something you’ve found, put it under a specific board (for example “UI Inspiration”) and the original source will also be included. Even if the original source becomes unavailable, you will still have the actual image. Your boards then become a huge collection of curated images, a great way to go back and refer to when you need some inspiration.

Obviously this doesn’t have to apply just to designers. It can apply to architects, interior designers, product designers and whoever else. The average person like me can also use it to just pin my favourite images from around the web.

A lot of people are calling it a social network because you can add and follow friends and what not. However it doesn’t just to be for social use. There has also been a lot of criticism about it being taken over by women and being aimed at the gender specifically, don’t let this put you off guys. Pinterest is a great utility and gold mine when used correctly.

Unfortunately you have to wait for an invite after registering which can take a while. If you have a friend who is already on the service get them to invite you. I can invite people, just put your email in the comments below (you do so at your own risk).

Finally, what do you use Pinterest for?

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