TSF Shell Pro, An Android UI Like No Other



TSF Shell Pro is a spectacular Android UI which literally is like nothing else out there. There are fancy gestures, beautiful UI transitions, amazing multi-touch functions and a ton of different ways to customize your Android home screen. The widgets are all very interactive and anything can be placed anywhere, there is no pre-set grid. You can manage lots of apps at once with a neat lasso feature which enables you to select multiple apps at once.

This is definitely for the advanced Android user and isn't for your average "dumb" user - I don't mean that in a harsh way, I mean it in a way where these type of people aren't really tech savvy. I'm sure a lot of our visitors are tech-savvy however and will find this amazing.

UI's like this is the reason Android will most likely succeed. Ice Cream Sandwich has been made for the "dumb" user and the advanced user, covering both spectrum's. iOS has yet to do that, unless you jailbreak of course, which Apple despise.

Like many UI concepts, there is no firm release date. Just don't get your hopes up until it actually goes into private or public BETA.