Top 20 Android Games of 2011


Top 20 Android Games of 2011

With the birth of Android just a few years ago came a new generation of smartphone. Now we are seeing this new platform, and generation, growing at a rapid rate. Thanks to all you Android users out there, over ten billion apps have been downloaded from the Android Market making 2011 the biggest year for Android. It is the downloading of these apps which allows Android and its developers to grow and produce better products for us, so let's keep downloading!

To celebrate the end of this year and the progress Android has made - with your help! - we have put together our favourite apps and games of this year.

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Note:The games below were not selected on the basis of download or ratings, but how playable I found them and how addictive they were. Hopefully this will highlight a few apps to you which you haven't seen in the charts before. We love all of the games below, and they are in no specific order - I recommend you try them all out!

1. Cut the Rope

Cut the Rope is a unique puzzle game which demands quick thinking and quick actions. Your objective is to feed a cute frog some candy by cutting ropes, popping bubbles and firing air cannons. You are presented with a number of boxes which contain a load of levels each; certainly worth the money.

2. Fruit Ninja

Fruit Ninja is based on a very simple concept: Your finger is a sword, use it to cut fruit. During the three game modes you have to slice various colourful fruit while avoiding bombs. High-scores gain you new swords and other bonuses to play around with so you can play your way.

3. They Need to be Fed

They Need to be Fed is an innovative twist on the average platform game, mainly because instead of gravity pulling you down, it pulls you in to each platform of the game. In the game, you are a suicidal creature trying to feed himself to them by travelling through a maze of objects while being shot at by rockets and dodging spikes.

4. Reckless Getaway

Reckless Getaway, the sequel to Reckless Racing, is a new take on the getaway-style game. Not only is there a mode in which you must avoid the cops and collect money - and power-ups! - but you can also play to damage as much of the destructible environment as possible. It's a great game to let out your cop dodging, car bashing side!

5. Angry Birds

We all know of this additively simple game. You play the game as some Angry Birds who have had their eggs stolen from them by the mean hungry pigs. You have to fling the Angry Birds from a catapult into the Pigs' structures and make them pop. You win stars by using as few birds as possible and for the amount of damage you do. Addictive, simple and fun; a perfect game.

6. Backbreaker Football

If you like the idea of brutality, and to a lesser extent sport, you'll love Backbreaker. In the game you must battle across the field with a football, dodging the opposing team as you go. Twist and turn to the end of the pitch and don't forget to celebrate!

7. Samurai II: Vengeance

You are a samurai and have to kill the enemy in order to achieve revenge - or at least that's the excuse for this wonderfully bloody game. You must strike your enemies with different attacks and move around each environment to reach checkpoints and kill bosses. This is a great game for all those who fancy a little katana wielding on the commute to work.

8. Brothers in Arms 2 Free+

Brothers in Arms 2 brings the best of FPS gaming to Android, for free. In the game you play as a soldier in the Second World War fighting for America. You can shoot the enemy, through grenades and participate in multi-player matches; all create an impressive gaming experience.

9. Raging Thunder 2

Raging Thunder is a classic Android game. The idea is to compete in races to win credits, power-ups and more. You can compete in in many different locations, from the snowy hills of the North to desert dirt tracks. The game-play is very smooth, even on the slowest phones, so try it out!

10. Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation

The Modern Combat series puts you in the eyes of a modern soldier, fighting in various locations across the globe. You play in first person with the action happening right in front of you. The games are at the top of their league and are definitely worth the price tag.

11. Doodle Jump

Doodle jump is another classic arcade-style game. You are the
Doodler and your challenge is to jump up between platforms to get as high as possible. Use power-ups to boost yourself higher and dodge the cracking and moving platforms to get a high score and gain a place on the leader-boards.

12. Apparatus

Apparatus is a physics game for all you budding inventors out there. Use different blocks and engines to power your own creation or use switches and your knowledge of physics to solve the built-in puzzles. This is an addictive game and I can guarantee you will never get tired of it.

13. 9mm HD

In 9m HD you play a cop who is taking the law into his own hands in order to clean up a crime-ridden city. Shoot, duck and dive in vicious battles with gangs and complete missions across the map.

14. Flight Control

This is another classic smartphone game. You have to land various aircraft, including jets and helicopters, on a number of runways. The cartoon graphics are lovely and make the game even more enjoyable.

15. Death Worm

I like to think of Death Worm as a pretty big twist on the retro game Snake. You have control of what starts the game as a small worm, but as the game progresses and you eat people, cars, helicopters and a plethora of other things you grow, and so does your score.

16. Spaghetti Marshmallows

Speghetti Marshmallows is a fun physics and puzzle game based on the classic challenge of building a structure with only the two foods. In the game, you must build towers to reach checkpoints. You have to have a marshmallow in each checkpoint coincidentally to pass the level. This is an addictive game, and the bonus free mode which allows you to build your own structures only makes it better.

17. Guerrilla Bob

Guerrilla Bob is a comic shoot 'em up in which you play a mercenary. You must collect money to gain high scores while on your violent travels across the Middle East. Dodge bombs and shoot the enemy to pass to the next level. Overall this is a brilliant game with a hilarious plot.

18. Worms

Worms is a wonderful multi-player game which puts you in command of a war hungry, battle hardened unit of worms who, with a hoard of weapons, must obliterate the enemy. You have the option to play against the computer - or phone - to build your tactics before taking on your friends.

19. Doodle God

In Doodle God, you play the creator of all things. You must combine the most simple elements to produce even the most complicated things, from cats to love. Your challenge is to create everything in the world - well, all of the few hundred creations available.

20. World of Goo

World of Goo is a game of physics and creation, and goo! Your objective is to make a path from your starting position to the finishing point. You must use atom like structures to transfer your little gooey blobs to the finish. The game is extremely fun and once you get into it, you cannot put it down.

Super Special Bonus Game: Grand Theft Auto III

Just this week, GTA III was released in the Android Market with a great deal of hype. It is celebrating the 10th anniversary of the original console game so we thought we should give it a special mention.

This GTA game brings all the brilliance of the console versions of GTA to Android. You can run around the city committing as many felonies as you want, but beware of your stars. Play through the story mode or mess around the huge city map. The possibilities are virtually endless. Have fun!

By Popular Demand: Where's My Water

This little puzzle game challenges you to get Swampy, a crocodile, the water for his bath. Cut through rock and follow mazes underground in order to get the water into the pipe for Swampy. The game is based on a very simple concept, but is very addictive and simple to play.

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