Spool, Video & Article Save-For-Later


Spool, Video & Article Save-For-Later


Looking for an interesting new service to use to save web pages and videos for offline viewing? Here is the best app for you!

Spool allows you to save websites to your Spool account where you can later find your Spools and read them later, much like services such as Read It Later and Instapaper. Spool's speciality, however, sets it apart from this competition.

As you may have guessed from the name, Spool specialises in saving video content from websites for later viewing. When you save any page to your Spool, all video and image content is stripped and stored. This allows you to quickly view the content on the go, or in an ad-free environment.

The main principle of Spool is that you have a spool which you can fill with your favourite web content, including videos. You can share these spools with your friends too.

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Web App

Spool Web

The Spool web application allows you to access your Spool to return to content you have saved. All content can be viewed in a native interface which simplifies any web page into a simple article. The article view keeps all text and graphics in the main story, as well as Spool's recorded videos.

You can categorise saved pages as Favourites and Archived along with the standard read and unread. This allows you to quickly sort through your offline pages for speedy viewing - you can get straight to the content you want to see.


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Browser Extension

Spool It

The Spool browser extension allows you to add any web page to your Spool instantly. You just have to click the Spool button!

Another big feature of Spool is the ability to share your favourite pages with your friends. If you sign in with Facebook, or connect your account, you can share the pages you save to your Spool as soon as you add them. The page will then be added to your friend's Spool. The option to share is presented when you save a page, so you don't have to worry about sharing all your pages; just a click and it's private.

Spool Spool

Another thing; Spool has a sense of humour.


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Mobile Apps

Spool, Video & Article Save-For-Later
Spool Spools

Spool is the best way to watch videos you've saved for later offline on your phone. Applications for both Android and iPhone are available, both as good as each other.

The interfaces of the applications are very simple and easy-to-use. You can get straight into your Spool with just a few clicks.

The mobile apps have all the functionality of the desktop version, including: adding Spools from any other app; viewing articles in a simple layout;  viewing galleries of images in articles; viewing videos in articles.

Here are some screenshots of the Android application:

Spool Share
Spool Article View

Spool, Video & Article Save-For-Later
Spool, Video & Article Save-For-Later

Spool, Video & Article Save-For-Later
Spool, Video & Article Save-For-Later


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