New FLUD 2.0, Whole New Design & Making News Reading Social

The people behind FLUD have just given a major overhaul to their news reading app, giving it a new design and some neat new features. The app has only been updated on the iOS platform at the moment, no word on the Android version yet.

It’s been updated to v2.0 transforming the news reader into a more social reading app. You get your own profiles where you can keep a digital diary of your favourite articles and blogs. Other people can then follow your profile and can read the feeds you read too. If you love an article you tap the heart button and share it to all your followers.

A new feature that has been added is the “reading list”. If you find quite a few interesting articles but have no time to read them, you hit the reading list button and you can read them later. It’s actually a very quick way to save articles for later because the save later button is placed on every article.

Also added is Tumblr and some stability improvements.

This update has brought social interaction and news reading together better than any of its competitors such as Pulse and Flipboard. It will be interesting to see how well FLUD does, whether people adopt the app and use it over the highly rated Flipboard.

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