Lightbox for Android Gets Updated, Now A Photo Journal


Lightbox for Android Gets Updated, Now A Photo Journal

Lightbox for Android has just got a massive update, calling itself "Your Photo Journal".

Lightbox is the best competitor at the moment for Instagram on the Android platform. With Instagram taking its time to come over to the Android scene, Lightbox have got in there first.

However with the new update Lightbox is emphasising the point of a personal photo journal right on your phone. This new feature now puts together pictures which you may have taken at a party, into one album - instead of you having to do it manually. You can share all your pictures or keep them private. All your pictures are also automatically uploaded to the Lightbox website, no need to worry about losing them.

The update also brings a new interface, you get your own subdomain in from which you can look at all your pictures, and a new explore tab which allows you to follow other Lightbox users.

My most favourite part of this app is that when you upload a picture to Facebook, it actually uploads the picture, doesn't just link back to it. My uploaded pictures then stay in Facebook in their own album.

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