New iPlayer for iPhone, Android Update Soon


New iPlayer for iPhone, Android Update Soon
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The BBC has finally released a BBC iPlayer application for iPhone owners in the UK. The release of the application follows the global iPlayer's release in the App Store earlier this month.

So, the wait is finally over. You can now use BBC iPlayer on your iPhone in the UK over both 3G and WiFi. The main discussion point of this update has been the move to 3G streaming which, up until now, had only been possible via couple of carriers. Now users around the world can watch BBC content live and on the go.

Unfortunately, this doesn't help the Android users who are still stuck with an application which can only stream over WiFi - at least until next year. The BBC have announced that they will update the Android version of BBC iPlayer in 2012 with other improvements.

Considering the recent news of Adobe killing Flash for Android, and the current method of playback on the Android app - you guessed it, Flash - we should expect to see a non-flash-dependent version of the BBC iPlayer coming to Android. This would require a great deal of work and would explain the late release date for the app.

We will keep you posted as the story develops.