iPad Apps For Your New iPad – Beginner Apps

So you’ve just got your new iPad for Christmas aye? The first thing you’re probably going to do is download apps for it. We’ve got a list for you here full of great apps which can make your iPad experience a whole lot better. Most apps will be free but the paid ones mentioned are also amazing.

The Facebook app for iPad is beautiful and it is the best way to keep up with all your friends. It was not released long ago so it is still quite new. You can view pictures fullscreen, in all their glory and can see where friends are checked in on an actual map.

The Twitter app is also the best way to keep up with your tweeting friends. The app is made by Twitter itself. It’s a very simple app and does its sole job perfectly, which is display tweets.

If you read a lot of RSS feeds, like to keep up with news and keep up with your favourite websites, Flipboard is the best app out there. The app displays all your feeds and posts from them in a lovely magazine-esque layout. You can also keep up with some of your favourite social networks through the app – including Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr.

Most probably the Google Search engine is your favourite way of searching. The Google Search app for iPad is amazing. You can voice search from the app which is very quick and easy. You can also access your favourite Google services from the app, such as Gmail, Maps, Google+ and more.

Whether you’re a musical genius or just someone who loves to play with music in your free time, Garageband is perfect. It can be used by beginners and advanced users to create and sample music. Whole albums have been made by using this app.

This is a great app for those who want to work on their iPad’s. It’s a word processing app which enables you to type up documents right on your iPad. You can complete the collection by also getting Keynote and Numbers.

BBC News
The best way to keep up with news here in the UK is undoubtedly through the BBC. The BBC app for the iPad is one of the best ways to keep up with the latest news.

If you love watching your favourite music videos Vevo is the way to go. The YouTube app won’t let you watch music videos from your iPad. However all the official music videos you see on YouTube will be in the Vevo app.

Photoshop Express
If you love editing pictures this app is perfect for your iPad. It’s obviously nowhere near as advanced as the desktop version but in the app version you can do basic edits such as, cropping, adding filters, fixing colours, reducing noise and a whole lot more.

If you’re into your hipster effects and love adding them to your own pictures, look no further. This app has so many filters that there is over 25,000 different variations of effects possible. Dare you to try every single one.

Angry Birds
We couldn’t miss out Angry Birds could we? Probably the most popular mobile game ever to be made. The bird flinging game has been a storm with everyone worldwide. The iPad version is in HD and the quality is amazing. You can’t miss this one.

Cut The Rope
Who could think feeding a frog with candy could be so addictive? The idea of it is very simple but getting the actual candy to the frog isn’t as simple. A must have and a great time-killer.

Fruit Ninja
There is something strangely satisfying with slicing fruits. Fruit Ninja enables you to have that satisfaction for hours on end while you continuously try to beat your own high score. You can even play against others around the world and show off your fruit slicing skills.

Hopefully these apps will satisfy you with your new iPad – however there is a ton load more on the app store waiting to be discovered. There is an app for literally anything and everyone. Have a search around the app store and you will find some amazing stuff.

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