Ice Cream Sandwich Keyboard For Any Android Phone

While we’re all craving the latest version of Android, 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS), some of its great enhancements can be brought to your device root free and without the hassle of installing a custom ROM. While apps will never replace a full ICS experience it’s a nice preview.

XDA user ‘for.digit’ has released the brilliant ICS keyboard in the form of an app, downloadable free of charge from the Android Market. Of course if you’re feeling generous you can buy a ‘donate’ version of the app (see below for download).

If you don’t know, the ICS keyboard brings numerous updates over the stock Gingerbread keyboard, such as improved prediction, instant voice to text and a more refined UI. While a few features are not currently fully working (such as the new, instant voice to text) due to this being beta, it’s something to hope for until your device receives an ICS update, wherever it be official or not. Even with these few features missing it’s definitely worth trying.

Useful improvements are included (over the stock Gingerbead), my favourite being if you miss the space bar, the predictions will know and suggest that you separate the words, a  feature I am yet to see on other keyboards. This may not live up to the revolutionary, unique feeling of Swype or the boast the intelligence of SwiftKey but it’s speed and simple design make up for the losses.  If you’re having difficulties activating the keyboard check out our how-to on the topic.

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