Google Chrome To Phone


Google Chrome To Phone

'Google Chrome to Phone' has become one of the most useful apps I use in Chrome and on my Android Phone. As the name suggests, you need to have Google Chrome and an Android Phone.

Google's explanation of its product is as follows:

This extension adds a button to Chrome that lets you seamlessly pushes links, maps, and currently selected text and phone numbers to your Android device.

Google Chrome to Phone comes in two parts:

  1. The Google Chrome Extension
  2. The Android App

That's exactly what the extension can do.

My most used feature is the web page sending. You just load up the web page in Google Chrome and hit the button that's been added to your browser. The app on your Android device will receive the link (via notification tray) and can open it in the mobile browser.

This process is identical with sending maps; load up the Google maps page in the browser and press the browser button. This will send a link to your phone which will open in the native Google Maps app (rather than a web browser). This is especially useful as it can transfer across browser data such as plotted driving directions, i.e. you can set up driving directions in your browser which can then be sent to your phone with the click of just one button.

Google has produced an informative video (below) explaining the basics of Google Chrome to Phone.