Feedly: Functional, Beautiful Multi-Platform News Reader

For those who do not know, Feedly is a beautiful yet minimal multi-platform news reader which enables you to keep up with your RSS feeds.

To start using Feedly, all you need is a Google, Facebook or other common account. You can use this to log in and quickly create your customised magazine built up of news topics of your choice. You are provided with the Feedly Essentials when you first log in which allow you to find and follow feeds. Once you have built up a few feeds you like you’re ready to go!

You can view your Feedly magazine from any device with an internet connection. There is a web application and apps for Android and iOS devices. This means you can use Feedly in a native app on the go.

One thing I love about Feedly is the simplicity of the apps’ designs. They have a universally minimal design which allows you to focus on the content of your magazine. This also means browsing is fast and effortless.

Because Feedly is a multi-platform service, it is very easy to get into using. You can use it on all your devices – as I do – or just one. This is exactly why it is perfect for everyone.

As I said, one of the main things that fuels my addiction for Feedly is its design, so below are some screenshots of Feedly on a few different devices.




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