Facebook Timeline Comes to Android First, Before iOS


Facebook for Android New UI and 'Nearby' Leaks

Facebook looks to have brought the latest Timeline feature to the Android platform first, before iOS users get a taste of it.

The social network giant hasn't stated why it's gone for Android first, when usually they tend to bring new features to iOS before Android.

Instead of there being two panes like there is on the desktop view, in the mobile version it's just one pane, to compensate for the smaller screen size. First impressions of it on Android are good, it's smooth and it feels almost like a blog of someone's life. Pictures span across the screen, so there is no need to tap on them to enlarge them.

It's also been enabled for the mobile version of the site - m.facebook.com - so if you're an iPhone user and want to test it out, you can still do so.

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