Facebook Enables Subscribe Button for Websites, How To Get It

Facebook have just enabled the subscribe button for websites. You can now get people to subscribe to your updates straight from your website. This will inevitably lead to more subscribers to your profile.

You may be thinking what is the subscribe button? Well Facebook announced that it will be adding subscriptions to every profile and it will only be enabled when the user has manually activated it. This feature enabled public figures like, say Jessica Alba, lets anyone subscribe to her Facebook updates without having to create a fan page. It also means that you don’t have to be friends with EVERYONE for them to receive your updates. It’s like following someone on Twitter. Which leads on to why Facebook have done it, to compete against Twitter. It’s taken the idea of following and simply transformed it into subscribing.

To get the subscribe button for your site, head over here – Social Plugin – Subscribe Button
Just enter all the relevant details and copy which ever bit of code will be suitable for your site.

Here is an example of the subscribe button for my profile, you can subscribe if you like ­čÖé

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