Facebook for Android New UI and 'Nearby' Leaks


Facebook for Android New UI and 'Nearby' Leaks


Engadget has released some images of the upcoming update to the Facebook application for Android phones. The update includes a completely new UI and a dedicated 'Nearby' app.

The new UI looks much like the mobile web app. It is much more simple and usable than the previous - or is that current - version. Most of the application is held within one interface with a menu at the left side of the display. From the side-menu, you can access every aspect of your Facebook.

Another piece of new UI design is the top bar of tabs. The tabs have been redesigned to instantly identify their function with both text and a minimal icon.

As you may remember, in a previous update to Facebook for Android, the Places icon was changed to Nearby. The nearby function will be extended in the upcoming application into an entirely separate application. This is clearly to promote the functionality which did not become as popular as Facebook has first intended. This is, perhaps, a move against Foursquare and Gowalla who have dominated the check-in space up to this point.