The Best To Do/Task App for Android | Any.DO


The Best To Do/Task App for Android | Any.DO

Any.DO is a simple yet absolutely gorgeous to-do/task app for the Android platform. It's an UltraLinx favourite - definitely one of my favourite apps for the Android platform.

The app is very polished and completed to a high standard. The UI is beautiful and makes the experience a lot better than any other to-do app I have ever used. Adding tasks is as simple as typing in what you want, but I've found the voice recognition to be a lot quicker and actually very accurate. When you add a task via voice it will automatically add it to "Today" but by dragging and dropping you can move it to "Tomorrow", "This Week" or "Later". Of course, you can set reminders, notes and put related tasks into folders.

A great feature which will be invaluable to businesses, friends and family is the share feature. You can organize groups of people together and collaborate with them in real-time. So if you run a business and, if all of your employees use the app, you can set a reminder and then send it out to all these people. It's a feature which I haven't seen in any other kind of reminders app and really sets it apart.

When you're done with a task you can simply swipe it and it will put a line through it. When you have a lot of completed tasks, just shake your phone and it will delete them all for you.

Lastly, you can sync all your tasks with your Gmail account so, if you have multiple devices, all your tasks will be synced across all devices.

The app is currently only available for Android. However the developers are working on an iOS, web and Chrome version.

Thanks Michał